special corrugated hose temperature sensors

angled and straight sensor sleeve
  • waterproof
  • vapour-tight
  • vacuum-tight
  • oil-tight
  • pressure-tight
  • autoclavable
  • corrosion-resistant

The following variants can be manufactured:

  • straight sensor sleeve with straight cable outlet
  • straight sensor pocket with angled cable outlet
  • angled sensor sleeve with straight cable outlet
  • angled sensor sleeve with angled cable outlet

To reduce the response times of the sensors, the sensor sleeve can be tapered in the front area. The standard version with stainless steel base or a special heat conducting base made of brass, copper or silver is possible. In addition, the tip can be made flat, centric or with a cannula grind. In special applications, the sensor tip and protective tube can also be provided with hard gold plating.

plane and centric tip shape
Tip with cannula grind

The sensors can be attached vacuum-tight with the help of a clamp flange. Furthermore, fastening options are available for screwing in, welding in or flanging (each with clamping or cutting ring).

Clamp flange
Compression fitting
Weld-in compression fitting
Clamping flange

Thermocouples and resistance thermometers can be manufactured with the following specifications:

  Thermocouples Resistance thermometer
Measuring range depending on cable material
Measuring element Thermocouple type K, L, T, J Pt50, Pt200, Pt100, Pt1000, PTC, NTC
  Directly or indirectly
  single, double or triple
Construction / Material Pipe or sheathed cable / 1.4571 or 1.4404
Accuracy class 1 or 2 (according to DIN EN 60584/1) B
A (-30...+300°C)
1/3B (0...+150°C)
1/10B (at 0°C)
(according to DIN EN 60751)

Corrugated hose variants:

DN Minimum bending radius
(single bend)
Nominal bending radius
(frequent movement)
Permissible static operating pressure at 20°C bar Nominal pressure stage according to
4 15 80 40 PN40
6 15 80 25 PN25
8 16 120 20 PN20
10 18 130 16 PN16

Material: 1.4404 (316L)
Temperature range of the material: -270...+600°C