measuring inserts

Resistance thermometer and thermocouple measuring inserts for installation in existing auxiliary thermowell or temperature sensor fittings with standard connection head form B.

Measuring range:

  • -40...+1200°C (depending on the sensor element used)

Measuring tip:

  • from Ø3mm

Connection types:

  • free cable ends, ceramic base, transmitter

Special designs:

  • measuring inserts with test channel into which a test probe can be inserted for control measurements without having to remove the measuring insert
  • tapered version possible in the front sensor area (hammered down to ø 6, ø 5, ø 4 or ø 3 mm)

Explosion protection (gas and dust atmospheres):

  • intrinsic safety, 
  • zone 0 and 1


Ex II 1G Ex ia IIC T6…T1 Ga 
Ex II 1D Ex ia IIIC Tx Da