Thermometers for pharmaceutical industry and analytical technology

The sensors offer, besides the above features ( Sealed against steam, leanable in Place (CIP), accepts feed-through pipe cleaner, can be used in autoclaves, can be validated, crack free) which are specifc to the application, classic properties of thermometer dynamics and an optimal static thermal measurement error. By using different principles for the thermal separation within the sensor, and different methods of assembly, excellent response times and an extremely low error due to thermal dissipation have been achieved.

As materials for the components it is possible to offer a choice of plastic, glass or different stainless steels according to the customer’s wishes. The surface can be given a fnish to cope with the cleaning methods to be used by the customer, for instance, CIP.

tmg can supply a wide range of sensors for gauges used in analysis, with 
high individual accuracy or from the high accuracy classifcations. tmg temperature sensors, especially those with a tapered protection tube, enable sterilisation processes to be carried out according to a strict regime of both time and temperature.