temperature sensor in encapsulation

Resistance thermometers and thermocouples for temperature measurement in and on machines as well as process engineering plants, whereby a preferred application is bearing temperature measurement.

The interior of the connection head is tightly filled with a potting material. A PG screw connection is attached to the connection head, which braces a firmly cast-in silicone or oil-flex cable.

Measuring range: -20...135°C 

Measuring tip from Ø3 mm

Connection type: Miniature connection head, PG cable outlet straight or angled

Individual selection of process connections for the respective installation conditions

Special designs:

  • tapered version of the probe tip possible (hammered down to ø 8 or ø 6, ø 5, ø 4, ø 3 mm)

Explosion protection (gas atmospheres):

Zone 1 and 2


Ex II 2G Ex m IIC T5, T4 bzw. T3