Thermometers for solar thermal systems

Today, solar power is used in two primary forms: thermal solar, where the heat of the sun is used to heat water or air, and photovoltaic, where electricity is produced directly from the sun with no moving parts.

The control system monitors and coordinates the operation of all a solar system’s components in more sophisticated systems. This controller optimizes heat collection, minimizes heat loss, and provides freeze and overheating protection to the system. The accuracy and the installation conditions of  temperature sensors play a decisive role for full use of solar energy.

tmg  offer a wide range of standard and customized probe assemblies suitable for solar systems:

  • with Pt100 or Pt1000 class A or B acc. to DIN IEC 751
  • for 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire connections
  • probes are paired   to 0,05 K and at 40°C available
  • cable sensors with immersion sleeve for medium temperature measurement
  • built-in sensors with head for medium temperature measurement
  • surface sensors for use on boilers and pipes
  • built- in sensors with thermal separation and short insertation lenght for medium temperature measuremen.