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Temperature sensors for plastics Processing Industry

In the majority of plastics processes, accurate control of temperature is fundamental to maintaining control of throughput rate and product quality. Because so much energy is consumed in generating and removing heat in many processes, good temperature control is also necessary to keep a grip on energy costs. 
Injection molding is the most versatile of all plastics processing methods and is used to make a wide variety of products. tmg‘s temperature sensors designed for injection molders, used on extruders and injection molding machines or  measure surface temperature – such as a barrel or a mold.

tmg’s range of high quality sensors for the plastics, packaging and rubber industries are available in several confguration

  • resistance thermometers with class A or B Pt100 sensors according to DIN IEC 751
  • type K, J or L thermocouples, class 1 or 2, acc. to DIN IEC 584 or DIN 43710
  • different basic versions fxed as plug, screw (internal or external), or clasp
  • steel armoured glass silk or PTFE connecting wire offered as standard,with corresponding extension wire
  • special types of construction as required by customers, in particular in respect of sensor tip with optimal heat conduction and/or sections of sensor tube with thermal separation