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Thermometers for building automation

The (technical) building automation, which actually includes refrigeration, (thus some dub it HVAC/R )) is a defnite application area for sensors. The sensors can be grouped into following types:  pressure, fow rate, comfort, indoor air qualtity, temperature and humidity.   One of the most common properties measured in the HVAC control world is temperature. Human comfort, computer room requirements, and a host of other considerations make temperature measurement necessary to HVAC control strategies. Therefore temperature sensors (resistance thermometers) dominate among other sensors (like climat- , pressure- , fow rate sensors etc.). The operating range can be from -35 ° C to +150 °C. The requirements for sensors and their mounting position are very specifc and complicated.tmg‘s  HVAC/R-sensors are suitable for a wide number of temperature sensing and  applications within the HVAC/R market. A range of tmg-thermometers are licensed by the PTB for use in heat metering or in explosive areas (ATEX-Certifcate).

tmg - offers:

  • surface sensor with cap
  • tube contact sensor
  • built-in sensor with measuring insert
  • built-in sensor with additional protection tube
  • fast respond srew-in sensors
  • screw-in sensor with tapered protenting tube / - measuring insert
  • screw-in sensor with neck tube / measuring insert
  • duct sensor / fue gas sensor
  • screw-in duct sensor mit perforated protection tube
  • fue gas sensor with fange
  • duct sensor with measuring insert / with fange
  • simple duct sensor with fange
  • duct sensor with tapered protenting tube
  • indoor sensor with external sensor part / transmitter
  • indoor sensor with potentiometer