Thermometers for cement manufactoring

The use of  temperature sensors at the cement production holds the danger of the destruction of the thermocouple. This is caused by the strong material stress, high ambient temperature and abrasive surroundings. The destruction of the thermocouples can be avoided by wear-off tips of an oxide dispersion strengthened material for high temperature applications.

Critical installation points for instance are measuring points in heat exchangers (recuperators), in parts of kilns or in dusk collectors. tmg provides temperature measurement solutions for most various measuring points and also attends complex measuring tasks.
The tmg resistance thermometers and thermocouples for cement industry are available in standard and special versions. The choice of the protection tube material and style of construction depends on the thermal, chemical and mechanical conditions on site. tmg’s experienced consultancy service can give 
advise and guidance on material selection and tube construction for a given application.