Temperature Measurement Modules

There will be always be one-off and special classes whatever efforts are made in classification and the following temperature measurement modules used to be in that „wilderness“ but are now a genuine new category that arises in response to progress in the fields of micro-systems microanalysis and microbiology.

Their development has also been encouraged by efforts to achieve miniaturisation in volumetric analysis, ever higher accuracy in heat quantification, and ever greater antisepsis in the classic food and drinks industry – coupled with the tendency to link a variety of measured values directly and to combine a variety of electronic components on the spot at the point of measurement.

Pipeline Temperature Measurement Modules

In the food industry there is an instance of tubular temperature measurement modules being essential, which is when there is an express requirement that the equipment be “pipe-cleaner-proof”.
Pipeline Temperature Measurement Modules can be installed direct into pipelines via varios available processs connections. They do not get in the way of pipeline cleaning systems such as go-devils.