Cable sensors

Cable sensors are electrical thermometers for universal use. Their sensor element is largely left exposed, or given very little „packaging“, and it is directly connected to electric cables.

Cable sensors are classified thus to reflect their technology but also to reflect their specific sources of error. In the case of certain built-in thermometers error can arise from the heat transferred outwards through the tube walls; the potential source of error in the tmg cable sensors is that there may be heat transfer because the copper wires in the cable have a large cross-section in comparison with the sensor. To achieve minimum error values the heat flow from sensor to cable has to be prevented by appropriate blocking materials or the use of extremely thin, bonded Pt-100 measuring resistances, for example.


  • Cable resistance thermometer with many different versions ( fast-response, small, rigid or suitable for high temperatures)
  • Cable resistance thermometer for installation into pipelines and hydraulic systems
  • Cable resistance thermometer for ball valves with connecting cable
  • MIMS-thermocouple with extension wire and stabilizing tube
  • Cable resistance thermometer with metal protecting tube
  • Screw-in resistance thermometer with connecting cable, kink-protection spring and straight or twice tape-red protecting tube